Figaro, then and now


Figaro, then and now…

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In Austin for


In Austin for AND staying at McKinney Falls State Park in our home on wheels? (No hotel!) Does it get any better than this?


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+Nate Cain

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Sitting on a bench, way down upon (well, near, really) the Suwannee River


Sitting on a bench, way down upon (well, near, really) the Suwannee River…

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+Eve Sullivan​ +Lillith Sullivan​


Saw this on my journey.
Thought of you two.
HAD to eat here. :)


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This is kind of amazing on so many levels.


I'm sad that Stephen Colbert never had a chance to put one on his shelf on The Daily Show.

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For my RV People… +Michael Oconnor (AKA, Living Free on YouTube) is making a jump into Google+ Land!

Welcome, friend!

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Be sure to follow me here on Google+ I'm going to be doing more on here.

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Went to Fort DeSoto's North Beach about 4:30 this afternoon.

I visited the fort, which was interesting, but not terribly so, since it was mostly active around the Spanish American war in 1898 – though the site was initially scouted by Robert E. Lee (yes, THAT Robert E. Lee) in 1849. I found it to be quite modern by "St. Augustine" standards. It had a "dynamo room" where they generated electricity, and the crew of the gigantic 12" mortars were given firing orders by telephone…
I guess that's what 200 years of progress gets ya. =)

After that, I went to North Beach, which has won several awards for being America's Most Beautiful Beach. I can see why. The sand there is…slightly coarser than talcum powder, and it's so smooth it feels silky in your fingers.

And I made a friend!

Look for a video coming up early next week at

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My Office: 2/17/15


Fort DeSoto Park, St. Petersburg, FL

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