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6 am colorgenics…

Posted by on March 5, 2002

I’ve been up all night, playing WWII online, working on my website, thinking about the meaning of life, redoing the DHTML resume on the website, redoing my *own* resume…Meg’s SO right…my old resume stinks on ice…it only got me work because there were so few candidates, and so many jobs! I’m hoping that the new, improved resume will generate at least one small nibble…

So, anyway, on to the Colorgenics du Jour…

You are in a state of constant expectation … and want interesting and exciting things to happen to you. But in fact you are a “Walter Mitty” at times….a dreamer – over imaginative and often given to fantasy or day-dreaming. There is nothing wrong in “dreaming”… how boring life would be if one just followed the doctrines of everyday life – but one must not continue leading a life of continuous fantasy – you need to face reality in spite of all its possible shortcomings.

You are a leader and possibly at this tine in a position of authority. But you are experiencing problems … You are not quite sure how to handle the present situation .. .

For some time now it would seem that you are frustrated and emotionally inhibited. The circumstances which appear to be beyond your control are making it very difficult for you to develop a detached emotional attitude that you seek…

As of late, you have been experiencing untold stress .. and this is a result of continuous frustration … You haven’t been taking care of all your physical needs… and it’s beginning to show. It would seem that you have a need to find someone to whom you can really relate … someone perhaps whose standards are as high as your own. You want to be different …. to be individualistic … to stand out from the common herd. Your inherent control of your sensual instincts is restricting your ability to give yourself to open up freely…. but this, being on your own, this being lonely ..often makes you feel the need to give up some of your strict standards to surrender to the general flow – to be like everyone else; a part of the herd. Deep down you regard such instincts as weaknesses to be overcome. You would like to be loved or admired for yourself alone. You demand recognition and tender loving care.

You are putting on a show .. a facade. You are a master of demonstrating considerable charm in the hope that this can or will lead to better things… Deep down – you are fearful that this may not work and that you may have to employ other strategies in order to realise all your ambitions.

One Response to 6 am colorgenics…

  1. findingmeg

    You’re not going to believe this…I just spent 1/2 hour posting a reply, but when I hit “post comment” it was too long and I got an error message…when I went back, my message was gone. Damn I’m devastated. Feeling not quite so eloquent any longer, I guess I’ll do my best to reproduce from memory…

    This Colorgenics thing is really impressive. To me, it’s almost like a Tarot spread…it can probably apply to so many people in so many different ways, and it serves as an effective tool to look at situations in your *own* life…and maybe gain a different perspective on things…which is good.

    I must say that this particular Colorgenics profile really hits the nail on the head. It’s true that you and I both are dreamers, imaginative people, given to fantasy and day-dreaming. There’s probably some wisdom in the advice that we should keep one eye open to reality so we can continue to be a part of the world.

    I will agree that you have seemed highly frustrated and even emotionally inhibited lately. I don’t know if you indeed seek emotional detachment, only you can say for sure…but it does seem that things are so beyond our control that we’re employing “survival” methods that might not necessarily be best for our relationship.

    The kind of stress that we’ve been going through has seemed insurmountable. It’s interesting that your profile mentioned that you need to “find someone to whom you can really relate”. That used to be me…but I feel like we’ve been pulling apart from each other instead of pulling together. I think the reason is that, in times of stress, I need comfort, friendship, togetherness. You, however, need “alone” time…time to “go away” for a while. In the past, we have been able to be positive supports for one another. I think that maybe this is because, while the given situation was stressful for both of us, it was more stressful for one than the other (like one of us losing a job). When that happened, one of us was able to be the “strong” one. Now it feels like we’re both experiencing the *same* situations with the *same* stress…and neither of us can be the “strong” one…and we’re both in survival mode.

    I want you to know that I love and admire you for yourself alone. I have a lot of respect for you, and I’m beginning to see the big picture…realizing that I need to give you that “go away” time so that maybe you can be there for me…later.

    By the way, I had a chance to look over your new resume and I must say…I knew you could pull it off, but you really did a *SUPAH* job…probably better than I ever could have done for you. I’m really proud of you, and I appreciate you taking the time to take care of it yourself without waiting for me to fix it for you. I love you.