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Moving out, Moving on

Posted by on May 15, 2010

My Friday Night: Ann came home from Minnesota, and I picked her up at the airport (since I already was there for work and all.). We had dinner together, and watched Sherlock Holmes while M. and J. played upstairs. We went to bed around 9:30.

Her Friday Night: Missing me, she texts Lou stating that she wishes she had someone to hold her. He shows up around midnight. He winds up naked with her in our bed, with predictable results.
So much for having a ‘sexually closed triad’.
So much for having a ‘non-negotiable’ rule regarding condoms.
So much believing that Lou has even the smallest shred of integrity. (I wonder if he’s told Helena yet? I’m curious…)

Neither one of them made the slightest attempt to keep anyone in the loop as to what was going on at any point in the timeline. I found out what happened Friday night at 6pm on Saturday, when Wendy started off the conversation with, “We need to talk.”

In my experience, that’s never a good thing.

In her defense, there wasn’t much point in telling me (via text) what had happened prior to that – I was taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic Rider Course, starting at 7:30am, so (to her credit) she did tell me the first reasonable chance she had – which was after she got done ‘running errands’ (which included lunch with G., another dom – and she failed to tell me about this lunch date. I found out about this when Ann forwarded an email that Wendy hadn’t copied me on. Wendy claimed that ‘she forgot’ to tell me about it.), Then Jay was there, delivering her bed. So, 6pm it was. Fine.

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