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15 minutes of randomness…

Posted by on February 11, 2011

It was a golden and beautiful day. The suns were out, the sea was shining like a thousand tired clichés. Julian stretched out on the sand, and basked in the faintly warm glow of the distant sun. The sky was dark and the shore was alien. I have no idea where I’m going with this. It’s pretty schizophrenic. I think Julian is a walrus. An alien, alien walrus. This really is just to brain dump for 15 minutes and see how many words per minute I’m typing, as a practical matter. I’m really enjoying playing LOTRO these days. I wish Anna Banana Montana would play with me once in a while. I finally got my Hunter to level 20, and my Warden is now 17.5. I like playing the Warden. I tried taking on an Orange mob last night, and breezed right through it. that was fun. I’d like to become a writer, but in order to do so, I need to develop the discipline and craft. Mostly the discipline. Really a lot of discipline. I realized yesterday that NANOWRIMO was way back in NOVEMBER. It is now FEBRUARY. Urgh. The only way to change is to actually take steps to facilitate that change. Like with losing weight. Just writing for 15 uninterrupted minutes feels like a task. Not a task. I just have gotten in a mode where everything is *SHINY*, all the time. It’s hard to work on this project or that with the number of distractions that cross my path – like looking on Lifehacker for ways to reduce distrations. =) Distractions are really my bane at the moment. I’m a wealth of knowledge about shit that nobody would ever care about for longer than 10 seconds. Like that guy who ‘cracked’ the Lotto. He said he could make $600/day doing that – but I couldn’t see how he could determine a winning ticket from a losing ticket without scratching the ticket in the first place. Bizzarre.
Then there was the “Kids watching viral videos” thing on YouTube yesterday. That was pretty damn funny – although the piece delved a little too much into the politics of homelessness, and iCarly and the word ‘Hobo’. I really dislike people who throw out the main point of a piece just to dig at some other thing – in this case the blog was digging at Jon Stewart for making light of a piece from a local news station in Indiana, who, in turn, was looking for ‘local’ homeless talent. They kinda missed the point of Comedy That Makes You Think, I think.

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