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5 hours in, and #SWTOR is losing it’s shiny already.

Posted by on November 26, 2011

5 hours in, and #SWTOR is losing it’s shiny already.
Compare that to #Skyrim, where I’m still enjoying myself immensely 50+ hours later.
* “Vendor Trash” items. Ugh. So 2008. Just drop the credits directly, rather than filling my inventory with junk.
* I had three quests in one area…the quests were:
– Pick up some rechargeable Double A batteries, charge them, and return them to a starving family (so they could trade them for food, or put them in their iPod or something).
– Shut down three generators. (If I shut down the generators, can I still charge the Energizers?
– Shoot some bad guys.

Unfortunately, there are SO MANY BAD GUYS that the quests all became Shoot Some Bad Guys. Now Shoot Some More Bad Guys.

After 20 minutes of nothing but shooting bad guys and clicking on Energizer Batteries, I was REALLY QUITE TIRED OF SHOOTING BAD GUYS with the same 4 abilities. Over. and Over. M’kay?

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