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If my +FedEx delivery person did that (he didn't this time, last time she delivered…

Posted by on December 13, 2013
If my +FedEx delivery person did that (he didn't this time, last time she delivered it to the apartment complex office without bothering to knock on the door. I called, complained, and they redelivered to the door the following day), the joke would be on them

I have my cat litter delivered – 30 pounds at a time.

Reshared post from +Jason ON

So, the +FedEx guy just came to the door. After I answered he politely informed me, "I have a heavy box that needs a signature. I just wanted to make sure someone was home before I carried it all the way over here."

Fair enough. I smile and say, "Well, someone is home."

He hands me the digital signature thing and tells me to sign it and he'll go get the package. I push it back into his hands and tell him I'll sign it after he delivers it to the door, not so he can get in his truck and drive on without bringing it back.

"Really?" he asks. "Whatever happened to trust?"

He takes the digital signature thingy from me and heads back to the truck where he brings the box and has me sign.

Trust? I don't know him and he's not even the normal delivery guy. Heck, as dark as it is (the porch light is out) I couldn't even be sure he was FedEx and not just similarly attired. He definitely wasn't +UPS (he stayed and waited for me to answer the door) or +DHL, Airborne Express or any others.

2 Responses to If my +FedEx delivery person did that (he didn't this time, last time she delivered…

  1. Brian Peters

    The FedEx folks must think you're special.
    I never have any trouble with them.

  2. Andy Crowther

    "Trust?  Explain to me why I need to sign once I've received my package?"