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Terrible Car Things

Posted by on December 14, 2013
This was in the Thorncreek Shopping Center. It's a mid decade Turbo Bug. No big deal. 
It's orange, with factory-original orange trim on the wheels. The camera does the color no real justice. It's quite a bit brighter than this. If you live in North America or Europe, you've maybe seen this color once or twice and know what I'm talking about.

It's got yellow butterflies on the door that were clearly intended to be placed on a window. But we haven't gotten to the terrible part.

In between the yellow butterflies is another sticker that has some sort of butterfly on it, but it's in PURPLE.

I don't know whether the fact that you can't see the purple at all against the orange paint is a blessing, or a curse.

Also, the only stickers that belong on the door of your car are:
A) The identifier of a business, for which that vehicle is used.
B) The numbers that identify your car for racing purposes.
C) Corollary to B – Sponsor stickers adjacent to the numbers placed on the door for racing purposes. 
D) Clarification of C: If you have sponsor stickers on your door (or other places on the sides of your car) and lack the other things that indicate that you actually race your car, you are a douchecanoe.

4 Responses to Terrible Car Things

  1. Jack Carlson

    I long to stick official looking but total gibberish decals on the doors of my vehicle just to freak out other drivers.

  2. Paul Gatling

    No accountin' for bad taste.

  3. Robert Hemsouvanh

    He's just missing those eye lashes that go on the headlights! Lol been seeing those around lately.

  4. Craig Robertson

    Stickers are very bad taste. Awesome geek points is this model of New Beetle has a pop up spoiler above the rear hatch that deploys at 40mph. Super Beetle Pursuit mode GO!