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2014 Colorado RV Super Sale Wrapup

Posted by on August 18, 2014
+Audrey Lee are looking at the possibility/probability of becoming full-time RVers when our lease is up in December. We took a field trip on Saturday, and we blogged about what we found!

2014 Colorado RV Super Sale |
Audrey and I went to the 11th Annual Colorado RV Super Sale at Mile High Stadium yesterday. We were supposed to get an early start and meet up with our internet friends Matt and his lovely wife, but they were there and gone before we managed to get on the road. It was in the mid 90’s, …

5 Responses to 2014 Colorado RV Super Sale Wrapup

  1. Laura Klein Stephens

    I would love to RV full time… Funny, I always think the opposite as far as that is rather have a trailers and truck separate. My thinking is that is the trick is in the shop, my house is still available to me…

  2. Jason ON

    I know the owners of Transwest. Too bad they don't give deals.

  3. Eve Sullivan

    I have to admit I've been thinking about this too — I still want a patch of land to grow things on, though.  I'm too much of a Hobbit.

  4. Jill Lorentz

    My family just took theirs up to Alaska. They love it !!

  5. Jonathon Barton

    +Laura Klein Stephens That's a tough call, and that's a pretty good reason to go with a "towed home". On the flip side, GoodSam offers and Extended Service Plan that is effectively "Breakdown Insurance". It covers a metric ton of items on the coach…
    …and includes $100/day toward lodging and $60/day toward rental car if you're more than 100 miles from "home". 

    The secondary reason we're not super interested in a 5th wheel is the realization that we don't want to tour the country in a truck. I have yet to ride in or drive a truck that feels anything like the comfort (and driving position) of a car. Trucks are built for work, and any comforts they add (plush leather seats, bluetooth, upgraded speakers, etc.) are still just tacked on to the "work truck" ethic and underpinnings. 

    Our side business (which would become our primary business if we hit the road) is mostly tied to urban areas. If we're going to tour in a truck we might as well keep a fun, high MPG car like the MINI, and couchsurf and AirBnB it up. 

    +Eve Sullivan There are always options – they just require a little creativity. =)
    The EarthBox sounds like a good fit.
    Depending on what you wanted to grow, you could probably have 4 growing seasons…
    * Travel north in the late Winter,
    * Plant,
    * Stick around for 90ish days,
    * Harvest,
    * Move to a new location.
    * Plant/wait/harvest
    * Drive back south, and repeat.