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First meal in the HausBus? Roadside pizza.

Posted by on October 24, 2014

We blew a tire…. =(


6 Responses to First meal in the HausBus? Roadside pizza.

  1. Sam Hetchler

    +1 for pizza!

    -1 for bad blow job.

  2. Jason ON

    Blew a tire already? Damn!

  3. Mark Koenig

    Well, at least you can get delivery just about anywhere, kinda.

  4. Richard Bartle

    Looks like Pac-Man. Watch out for ghosts.

  5. Jonathon Barton

    +Sam Hetchler That made me laugh, which I needed. =) Thanks!
    +Jason ON – Yep. An $820 roadside repair is apparently what happens when the dealer inflates 10 year old tires to the rating on the sidewall, which happens to also be ~20-25 PSI higher than what Hausbus would use if it were loaded to the full GVWR of 18,000 pounds. On the bright side, now that the tires are set to a more reasonable 70PSI, Hausbus doesn't ride like a Conestoga Wagon anymore.
    Needless to say, when the dealer talks on and on about replacing tires that are more than 7 years old before delivering any coach to a customer (for safety and liability reasons), and it is discovered of a Friday Night that the tires are not, in fact, 2012 DOT codes all around, but are instead F) 2004, 2012,
    R) 2004, 2007, 2004, 2004

    …there's gonna be a Conversation happening Monday morning.
    +Mark Koenig – We were .7 miles away. Likely, we could have walked, even. =)
    +Richard Bartle – We did see ghosts, but fortunately had some extra power pills handy, so they were a'scared of us, instead of the other way 'round. =)

  6. Sam Hetchler

    I hope there are many better blow jobs and pizzas in your new rv.