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I like the separate definitions between reaction and opinion

Posted by on December 2, 2014

Originally shared by +Eve “Mrgldari” Sullivan

This goes not only for movies, but any form of entertainment. Games. Books. Music.

Congratulations on Your Opinion
Here’s a question that literally no one has ever asked, ever:

“Hey, do you have an opinion about the lens flares in Star Trek?”

There’s no need to ask that question, because of course you do. Everyone
has an opinion about the lens flares in Star Trek. Or the casting of a new
superhero movie. Or, well anything having to do with movies.

Certainly about the new Star Wars teaser.

We’re all experts on movies. We love them, we freeze-fr…

3 Responses to I like the separate definitions between reaction and opinion

  1. Dorian Trent

    "How dare people be critical of things they watch, read, or listen to…"

    Someone let the author know that nobody asked for an opinion on other people's opinions.

  2. Brian Covey

    I liked this article very much. It's nothing new, of course, but it made the point quite well and was not condescending.

    But, in todays society, if you don't speak up then you will never be heard and then the world you get is the one created by the loudest "opinions".

    People say they don't like the lens flares so that movie makers quit doing it.

    It's sad, I know, but that's how this world is becoming now.

  3. Joshua Hocieniec

    If my money matters to you then my opinion matters to you. If you're just making a movie to be your own expression of art, and don't care if it's a financial success then you don't have to worry about opinion.