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Justice in the world, there is some

Posted by on September 11, 2014

Justice in the world, there is some…


9 Responses to Justice in the world, there is some

  1. Barbara Borrego

    shuttered I see.

  2. Natasha Batts

    Who the heck buys Crocs at the airport anyway?

  3. harri manni


  4. david haddock

    who the hell buys crocs anywhere lol

  5. Neil Mcginnis

    meanwhile there is a flipflop store in every mall and those are certainly no better than crocs, if not worse.

  6. Eve Storm

    They are way worse,crocks were at least cool to wear at home or on beach,flip-flops just look messy and cheap..people should learn to wear appropriate clothes again,they're walking around dressed up as bums..

  7. david haddock

    crocs were never better. whoever invented crocs should be beaten with a soap bar sock repeatedly

  8. harri manni

    And charged with crimes against humanity!!

  9. Rachael Kvapil

    Amen brother.