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*New Mercedes Van?*

Posted by on September 12, 2014

I'm not sure what this was doing heading out to the airport. The badges on the back have been covered by black tape – the center badge is circular and fairly large – Mercedes or Nissan are my first guesses. With the swoopy curve of the beltline from front to back and the LED taillight design, I'm inclined to lean toward this being a Mercedes.

I haven't done any googling around to figure out what it is, really, but I quite like it.

Also, I would cover my whole car in that Euro-style camouflage wrap that Mercedes, Audi, and BMW use on their pre-production testing cars.


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One Response to *New Mercedes Van?*

  1. Don Krypton

    Jup, it's the upcoming V-Class (former Viano) from Mercedes-Benz – will be released later this year. More pics: