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The blowout from Friday night

Posted by on October 26, 2014

The blowout from Friday night.


9 Responses to The blowout from Friday night

  1. Sam Hetchler

    Go big or go home.

    Wait… Go big on your home? I don't know these puns are going to work now.

  2. Eve Sullivan

    Ouch. That's shredded.

  3. Kent Seaton

    Just a scratch it looks like. Can o the fix a flat should have it good as new in no time.

  4. Joshua Hocieniec

    That happened to me a few weeks ago. Damn scary at 70mph.

  5. Paul Gatling

    Did it chew up your wheel well?

  6. Seth Jefferies

    This is on the RV? Call my buddy who works for Callender Tire. Rob Peterson, he'll take good care of you.

  7. Jonathon Barton

    +Seth Jefferies – The dealer delivered the coach with tires that were 10 years old. that's against their policy, so they're in the process of hooking us up with new tires.
    +Paul Gatling Fortunately, no – though the sensors for the black and grey water tanks might be hosed. Should be a simple fix if they are.
    +Sam Hetchler Presuming they worked before. =)

  8. Sam Hetchler

    Applying ice