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This may be the funniest paragraph I've read in a month

Posted by on May 6, 2014
The Drug Enforcement Administration has approved an increase in the government’s research marijuana quota from 21 kilograms to 650 kilograms this year. With close to half the nation legalizing the drug for medicinal need, and two states allowing it for recreational use, the demand for research has mushroomed.

With demand for research marijuana high, federal government agrees to grow more
Increased demand causes federal government to dramatically boost how much it grows for research projects.

3 Responses to This may be the funniest paragraph I've read in a month

  1. Jim Stilwell

    Its pretty silly really. All the crimes from the other drugs that happen. Ask a cop weather they would rather have a stoner or a drunk and most of the time you will get a stoner.   All they want is tacos / Doritos/ Snacks/ Food. Its one of the best drugs for cancer patients. I mean the whole thing is silly.  Legalize it, Tax it, Kill the debts that the state have, and fund those programs that are in need. Like more, better medical, food, Housing for the homeless. The amount of good it can do is amazing. Instead we have Federal pissing matches. 

  2. Jonathon Barton

    You totally missed the bit about demand mushrooming, didn't you.

    This is not a serious post. 

    Come to think of it, I very, very rarely have a #seriouspost .

  3. Meaghan Bihun

    The last time I mushroomed marijuana, I had a very good time. I wish the DEA a nice weekend and hope they have the good sense to arrange for snacks beforehand.