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Posted by on September 7, 2014

9 Responses to Untitled

  1. Mark Koenig

    That's a pretty cool toy.

  2. Audrey Lee

    I love the shot it picked for preview. Hi, Dad.

  3. Jonathon Barton

    +Chris Lang – Yep. I got a pretty good deal on it through a friend at work. Rigged up a mount for the Contour Roam out of:
    * Two pieces of balsa from +Audrey Lee's Arc Reactor project.
    * Two included M3 screws.
    * The Contour mount pulled off of my motorcycle helmet
    * Some scrap velcro sheet.

    It's not on a gimbal (yet), so it's pretty shaky video, but…video from aloft? HELL YES! =)

    I've also configured the camera to shoot in 1280×960 4:3 in the future, so I can trim it down to 1280×720 afterward, as described here:
    Filming Settings / Resolution For DJI Phantom Quadcopter – GoPro Tip #318

  4. Chris Lang

    +Jonathon Barton So your Phantom did not come with a gimble? What model is it?

  5. Jonathon Barton

    It was supposed to be one with the gimbal and camera, but the place that my coworker ordered from really borked the order – so they sent him a complete replacement and didn't have him ship the first one back; so he passed it on to me for a reasonable sum.

    I'm planning on getting a gimbal, and possibly a GoPro to go with it, soon. This also means I won't be stuck with the default gimbal, and can get a fairly nice one. =)

  6. Chris Lang

    +Jonathon Barton So are you close to DIA?

  7. Jonathon Barton

    +Chris Lang We're at I-25 and Thornton Parkway – 22+ miles…but we're up on a hill, so I can see it from here. =)

  8. Chris Lang

    +Jonathon Barton One of these times I gotta make it downtown for one of your happy hours! And bring your drone!