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Well worth the add…

Posted by on April 1, 2014
Well worth the add…

Reshared post from +Darrell Harvey

Well, just deleted my Facebook account.  Way too much drama over there. Just going to hang out here on Google+ and enjoy the Tech Goodness that's here.

6 Responses to Well worth the add…

  1. Dorian Trent


  2. Sam Hetchler

    +Darrell Harvey welcome to my circle of hacker goodie stuff. What a gem of brainpower. Thanks +Jonathon Barton for the suggestion.

  3. Sam Hetchler

    Oh, and +Darrell Harvey, you should really allow comments on your posts. It makes the interactions a lot easier.

  4. Joshua The medic

    What you don't enjoy 100 "like my status" posts from kids every hour?

  5. Dorian Trent

    Rather than deleting my facebook, I converted my profile into a page.  A page account no longer has any incoming stream, but rather just puts out content.  You keep interaction to some degree, but are able to ignore / hide anything that bothers you.

  6. Barbara Borrego

    They do not let go easily…trust me it will not be over for MONTHS…