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Happy New Year!

Posted by on January 1, 2015

New Year, New Adventures. 2015 is going to be a very, very, different year for me than any that have come before.
It's finally time to talk about that.

Audrey and are going our separate ways. She's moving into an apartment near CU Boulder, where she works, and I am taking full advantage of the fact that my current gig is (after tomorrow) 100% remote, and I am hitting the road as a full-time RV dweller on Wednesday.

My current itinerary is:
Denver -> Amarillo -> Dallas-Fort Worth -> Houston -> ??? -> Fort Walton Beach -> Jacksonville FL across 6-8 days. I've got to get the car and RV registered there, then my plans are open until April 19th, when I've got to be in Las Vegas for a conference.

I'd love to stop and meet up along the way (I'm all about the HIRL!) – shoot me a message if youre interested!

The video below is everything I own, less the little bit thats already in the RV, cut down from an 850 square foot apartment and 200 square feet of garage. There's still too much there, like 11 t-shirts and 10 button ups. Two airsoft rifles I've been carting around for 10 years because I can't Craigslist them anymore. 3 suits. Some RPG books I don't use, but cant bear to part with yet…

Please watch, like, comment, and subscribe!

Thanks, and I'll see you all on the road!

9 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. dile yasir

    Same to you

  2. Harley Stroh

    Best wishes on your grand adventure! Keep us in the loop!

  3. Alvaro Gutierrez

    Good luck

  4. Natasha Batts

    Wow! Very bold. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your adventure.

  5. Jesso Ossej

    Neat! Let me know when you're in the DFW area, for sure.

  6. Wander Where Next

    I am a new subscriber and may have missed it but what type of work is your new job? Great vids by the way looking forward to watching them all.

  7. YarrVee

    +Jesso Ossej I had a great time at dinner, and am looking forward to hanging out again when I come back that way later this year.
    It was definitely an odd (but very pleasant) feeling having known you for, what, 2.5 years now, and finally being in the same room with you. =)

  8. YarrVee

    +Wander Where Next I'm a contract software developer for the ServiceNow platform ( – my current gig (January 2015) is remote development with a company out of Niwot, Colorado.

  9. Draco the Green

    Maybe after your conference you'll have time to come visit? I'd still love for you to meet your grandson at least once. :3