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I just found out that both the Porsche Panamera and the BMW 525/550i GT will tow more than 4500 pounds.

Posted by on January 26, 2015

There's awesomesauce to be had there.
Towing this:
with this…
…or this…
…and not with this…


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9 Responses to I just found out that both the Porsche Panamera and the BMW 525/550i GT will tow more than 4500 pounds.

  1. Laura Klein Stephens

    🙂 I approve of this. There's really no going wrong with an airstream and a beautiful car.

  2. Chris Lang

    Wll tow and will tow on grades, and not degrade the drivetrain over time? Two different things. But heck yeah, I love motorhomes, but tow-behinds are way more functional when you get where you are going.

  3. Jonathon Barton

    I keep hearing this over and over "and won't degrade the drivetrain over time" – and I always come back with "not appreciably".

    Consider this: Towing 4500 pounds is within the manufacturer's specifications for both cars – which means that you can hook that Airstream up to either or both, and NEVER EVER unhook it, driving back and forth from Denver to Grand Junction – and the manufacturer is confident enough in their vehicles that both cars would remain under warranty for the whole period. Might they fight you on any warranty claims? Sure – but it's not unusual for a manufacturer to fight you on any non-trivial warranty claim, so…

    …that's the source of my "not appreciably more driveline wear" beliefs. I think being "average" and commuting 15,000 miles per year is probably far more degrading to the driveline than however far you'd tow would be.

    I seriously considered a Truck/Trailer combo when I was looking at the possibility of becoming a Fulltime RVer. Two things nixed it for me.

    A) If I'm going to see the country – if I've got to do it from a pickup truck, I might as well keep the MINI and just go live off of AirBnB. The MINI is way more fun to drive, gets way better mileage, and the cost of a tow vehicle in reasonably good condition would pay for a LOT of AirBnB nights.
    B) All of the trailers and 5th wheels I looked at were ultimately designed to pack as much living in the most lightweight package possible. As a result, there was a LOT of stuff in them that just felt…flimsy. Sure, a piece of 1/8" pressboard will totally hold a 21" LCD TV – but it still feels (and sounds!) cheap as hell. Compare to my friend Rick's 1993 Monaco Grand Royale 21,000 pound 40' diesel pusher coach. He's got residential grade hardwood cabinets through his entire coach and a full size residential tub and shower with glass doors. I'm SUPER jealous.
    Oh, and
    C) Traveling with pets – I didn't want Figaro riding alone in a trailer, and moving him back and forth from trailer to truck every time we moved or stopped would be pretty stressful for both of us.

    So, the motorhome and a tow-behind car is really the best choice for our specific circumstance.

  4. Chris Lang

    Happy Birthday BTW!

  5. Mary Kendzicky

    campers are for animals, hotels are for humans.

  6. Juan Torture


  7. Natasha Batts

    What about a 328i?