Welcome to the Virtual 325th Fighter Group!

The Purpose and Ideals of the 325th Fighter Group

The 325th Fighter Group has a distinguished history in the Mediterranean Theater during WWII. The members of this re-creation of the 325th Fighter Group recognise the trials and tribulations inherent in being a Fighter Pilot in the Mediterranean during World War Two and strive to pay homage to those fine Gentlemen through imitation, the sincerest form of flattery, to the greatest extent possible. Today, to honor the 325th, we fight and fly the P-40, P-47, P-51B/C, and P-51D/K whenever possible, using HiTech Creations' Aces High. We model our simulation practice after the real thing. We have learned and continue to learn a lot from regular contact with Captain Arthur Fiedler of the 317th FS, 325th FG. We understand the difficulties and sacrifice of that period of history, and do not want the heroism, large and small, of those fine men to be forgotten.

Above all, we recognize that many of the Pilots of the 325th Fighter Group have gone on to become legendary Aviation figures. The 325th limits itself in official Group activities whenever possible to the planes that the real 325th flew - the P-40, P-47, and P-51. 

Our Squad Nights are in the Aces High Combat Theater on Tuesday & Thursday nights at 0300z (10pm EST, 7pm PST). We also fly in the Aces High Tour of Duty on Friday Nights at 0400z. (11pm EDT/8pm PDT). We also host a Squad Practice night in the Aces High Training Arena on Sunday nights at 0200z (9pm EST/6pm PST).

The 325th Fighter Group Mission Statement

Please visit our Personnel Shack for information on our Personnel, Policies and Procedures, and a Pilot Application.

Visit our Ops shack for more information on our Operational Missions, Planes, Bases, etc.